What are the basic recording requirements?
  • Original signatures are required except as otherwise required by law (Government Code 27201(b).
  • A California all-purpose acknowledgment is required (Civil Code 1188 and Civil Code 1189).
  • Documents, including notary seals and attachments, must be sufficiently legible to reproduce a readable photographic copy (Government Code 27361.7).
  • Margins on each vertical side must be at least 1/2 inches. The top 2.5 inches of the first page must be reserved for the recording information. The left 3.5 inches of this space must include the name of the party requesting recording and the address where the document is to be mailed after recording (Government Code 27361.6).
  • Download the sample cover sheet (PDF)
  • The title of the document must be indicated on the first page directly below the space reserved for the Recorder (Government Code 27324).
  • A recording reference is required on any document that modifies, releases, or cancels the provisions of a previously recorded document (Government Code 27361.6).
  • Basic recording fees are $15 for the first page and $3 for each additional page of the same document (Government Code 27361).

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