Language Services

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Hmong

Language Assistance

Help is available for voters who need election materials to be translated or who need interpretation services at a Voter Assistance Center.

Translated Copies of the Ballot

Translated copies of the ballot (also known as “facsimile ballots”) are available in the following languages:

Hmong Hmoob

Spanish Español

Translated facsimile ballots are to be used as a reference when voting on an official ballot.

Language Assistance for Vote‐by‐Mail Voters

You may download a translated copy of the ballot at:

You may request a translated copy of the ballot by:

  •  Calling our Elections Division at (530) 552‐3400 Option 1 or toll-free within the county at (800) 894‐7761
  • Emailing your request to:

Language Assistance for In‐Person Voters

All Voter Assistance Centers and the Butte County Elections Office will have translated copies of the ballot available for reference.

Telephone interpreter services are available at all Voter Assistance Centers.

If you need interpretation in a signed language, such as American Sign Language, please contact the Butte County Elections Office.

Any voter may bring up to two people into the booth to help them vote, as long as those assistants are not representatives of voter’s employer or labor union. Bring a family member or friend!